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YYODHA is the signature fitness brand of Agneya Fitness. A private limited company specializing in Unconventional fitness training and products.

Our Specialities

Training the mind body and soul to achieve excellence.

Mental Strength

Push through any situation life presents to you with confidence.

Self defence

Condition your mind to develop safety consciousness.

Obstacle race

Life is all about learning to overcome every obstacle thrown at you.

Unconventional fitness

The pain you feel today is the strength you gain tomorrow.

Yyodha training methodology

  • Unconventional Equipment - Natural Design based equipment such as Sand bags, Ropes, War Clubs.
  • Functional Fitness - Ability to perform daily activities like a lift, run, twist, pull and so on.
  • Energy System based - ATP-PC , Glycolytic and Oxidative systems are stimulated & strengthened.
  • Base Level Fitness - Focus on overall body conditioning and core strength.
  • Curriculum Oriented - Every session is scientifically planned for progression, variation & fun.
  • Value Development - Techniques to develop confidence, character, courage and mental strength.
  • Self Defense - Periodic coaching on basic Self-Defense techniques and psychology of safety..


December 2015

Outdoor Fitness session.


Lalbagh Botanical Garden, central bangalore

Need some fun activity? Burn some calories? Some fresh air? And most importantly, do you need to set your mind and body to reach your desired goals ?

07:00 - 08:30

Lets work and build the better 'You' with Yyodha Training Methodology (YTM).


Eat and Hydrate well enough before the training.

Get your own water bottles.

And be prepared to get dirty.

Do you need a workshop?


Learn how to Exercise your mind & body , Eat right and defend yourself. all of this combined into a 4 hour workshop.


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Meet the Team

Ranjith Vasu Co founder and CEO of Yyodha.
Chetan K. R. Co founder and COO of Yyodha.
Franklin Joseph Founder and CEO of IISTACS.
RYAN FERNANDO Founder and CEO of Qua Nutrition.

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FAQ for Obstacle race.

1) What should I carry with me for the race ?

Sportswear and sports shoes, spare set of clothes, towel, flipflops or other footwear.

2) Do I Need To Train For The Race?

If you are competing for the title, YES! Please download our app and register through our website in the YTM section.

3) When is the race and where do I buy tickets ?

Our mobile app will be live soon.

4) Where can I donate for the War Wounded Organisation (WWO) of INDIA

Our mobile app will be live soon.

5) Do you have any training centres ?

Find the nearest training location.

  • Ranjith Vasu

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Being STRONG is not only the ability to lift a 100 kilos, but the competence to face obstacles, achieve life goals or even live life to the fullest and not merely Exist.

  • Chetan Kondoor Ramakrishna

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    Your body should be strong enough to follow your mind`s plan so get your body ready and your mind will follow.

Who are Supporting

Flex & Fitness
Qua Nutrition Signature nutrition clinic
Indian Institute of special Tactics and Combat science
Sixteen hours Health cafe

Ranjith Vasu(CEO)

+91 89044 96132

Chetan K. R.(COO)

+91 95384 29248


#15, 2nd main road, 13th cross,

Vyalikaval, Bangalore- 560003

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